More Output at the same Cost


ALLRECO always means offering our customers maximum flexibility within the plant systems we design. A practical example: One of our customers needed a higher throughput for its existing system. We were able to successfully achieve this goal with a custom-fit and needs-based expansion.

The original system configuration for processing bulky and commercial waste consisted of the mobile Inventhor TYPE 6 pre-shredder and the stationary NZ 180 VE secondary shredder. By adding a splitter UNIT to the system, the material flow to the secondary shredder is now split. The undersize particles, the finished output material, bypass the secondary shredder. The benefits: Reduced processing costs and increased throughput for the entire system.

Why a splitter UNIT for plant expansion? The reasons are obvious: classification using a UNIT is characterized by very low wear and low operating and maintenance costs with a compact design. In this case, a spiral shaft screen was chosen because it guarantees a particularly high level of operational reliability, especially with inhomogeneous, difficult materials. Known challenges such as plait formation, wrapping and blockages when screening industrial waste are eliminated with this machine technology. Furthermore, this screening technology is insensitive to overfilling - ideal for continuous plant operation. This has increased the output of the entire plant by around 30%.

In addition to the significant increase in output, the plant running times are shorter for the same annual tonnage, which also reduces the need for personnel. Our customer is using this freed-up personnel capacity to sustainably expand other value chains.

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