WS 2001-2003

The WS 2001 air-based separator stands out by delivering maximum throughput with the greatest care. It manages up to 300 m³ of material per hour without the high throughput being negatively affected in favor of a very efficient separation down to three fractions.

Modular expansion chamber allows for individual layout geared for every area of use

Aerodynamically optimized air inlet system

Infeed belt with downward bend to eliminate long elements in the lightweight fraction

Standardized scaling of all adjustment parameters for optimal reproducibility of separation results

Particularly high belt speed results inconsistently high throughput with optimum separation results

Reliable and high throughput

WS 2001 – Delivers perfectly separated material streams at all times

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Special Features

The principle: wind blows away chaff and husks, while the grain falls back into the basket. Wind sifting as process for separating materials by density and weight has been around for thousands of years – we have perfected this in our air separation machines.


The WS 2001is a powerful separation system boasting an overall length of at least 6.8 m and a working width of 2 m. With a conveying speed of 2 m/s and a maximum aerodynamic efficiency, our separator delivers throughput rates of up to approx. 300 m³/hr. The WS 2001 is able to separate material streams into two or three fractions (lightweight/heavy, additionally medium). The feed material is pretreated and supplied to the system with a defined distribution of particle sizes. For an optimum separation, the material needs to be spread across the infeed belt in a single layer.


To ensure that the materials can be separated with maximum efficiency, it is possible to change the position and angle of the belt both horizontally and vertically in relation to the separation drum.


The WS 2001can be combined with the different screening systems from ALLRECO to create a high-performance processing unit for a wide variety of possible uses. Be it mixed construction, household and commercial waste, bio-waste or compost, the machine is incredibly easy to use and can be configured to a new material stream within minutes.

Application areas

Source separated organics
Compost screen oversize
Green waste
Industrial waste
Landfill mining
Mixed construction waste
Refuse-derived fuel
Residual waste
Waste wood


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