SST 518

Powerful, spacious and easily accessible thanks to large doors – these are just some of the advantages offered by the SST 518. The enclosed design of the drum housing ensures that the emissions from this screening machine can be removed via an extraction unit in a controlled manner.

Very rugged frame constructed of thick-walled section tubes

Speed-regulated direct drive with standard geared motor facilitates optimum adaptation of process and adjustment of screening quality

Increased screening performance thanks to guided material handling in the screening drum

Wide range of possible applications as a result of the option to combine with lower belts and the selection of different screen openings

Enclosed drum housing to ensure zero-emissions operation in conjunction with dust collection unit

A genuine artist at transformation with zero emissions

SST 518 – Maximum flexibility with continuous operation

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Special Features

The drum of the SST 518 has a diameter of 1.8 m and a length of about 5 m. That results in a large screening area of 22.5 m² that is fully utilized thanks to the patented material infeed that is controlled in line with machine loading. To tackle different requirements, for instance, the screening of compost, soils, light-weight building rubble, household waste, commercial waste, plastics, glass, paper, wood, biomass, sand, gravel, scrap or slag – you can select different mesh sizes for the screening drum. For even better results, it is possible to combine the SM 518 F, e.g., with shredders or air separators from ALLRECO.


The screw is positioned internally, permitting a horizontal installation of the machine. Power is effectively and mechanically transferred by the direct sprocket wheel drive with geared motors to the screening drum’s body.


The SST 518 is a genuine artist at transformation. Its screening drums are identical to those used in our mobile machines and are thus interchangeable. The range of additional screening drums available ensures maximum flexibility and optimum adaptability to the respective material requirements, particularly for continuous operation requirements.

Application areas

Source separated organics
Compost screen oversize
Green waste
Industrial waste
Landfill mining
Mixed construction waste
Refuse-derived fuel
Residual waste
Waste wood


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