Airflex 1500

With its completely revamped modern design, the AirFlex 1500 relies on the proven characteristics of the WS 1600 AB and thus is easily able to handle even the most challenging separation tasks. Its key advantages are its great flexibility and sophisticated options that have been combined to create a powerful system with cutting-edge technology.

Simple rugged design

Designed for transport in 40" maritime container

Thorough utilization of geometry for material sifting with the aid of segmented distributors

Highly efficient extraction of lightweight fraction using the SLS extension

Very mobile unit thanks to hook lift carriage for convenient road transport

Ready-to-go thanks to built-in generator or with power supplied via a 125 CEE plug

Control units remain at ground level

Easy to maintain and operate

High process stability as a result of high belt discharge

The new generation of air-based separators

AirFlex 1500 – The flexible air-based separator for challenging separation tasks

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Special Features

The principle: wind blows away chaff and husks, while the grain falls back into the basket. Wind sifting as process for separating materials by density and weight has been around for thousands of years. We have perfected this in our separation machines and are thus providing with the AirFlex 1500 a new generation of electrically driven machines with complete cabling, based on the proven ready-to-go principle. It is driven by an optionally available diesel generator from the world famous company Caterpillar or simply by means of a CEE plug connection into the main electricity grid at the operator’s premises.


The simple but rugged construction allows for separating materials into two fractions (heavy and lightweight). With the optional extensions, the AirFlex 1500 is equipped for all common areas of use and easily separates, e.g. building rubble, construction waste, compost (fine compost and screen overflow), waste wood, packaging materials and PET bottles through to pretreated scrap metal. The separate SLS extension allows for extracting films and lightweight materials to achieve an additional third fraction.

Application areas

Source separated organics
Compost screen oversize
Green waste
Industrial waste
Landfill mining
Mixed construction waste
Refuse-derived fuel
Residual waste
Waste wood


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