Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH in Cooperation with ALLRECO GmbH


Innovative manufacturer of double trommel screening plants

Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH was founded in Großräschen in 2000 and has been part of the LIG Group since 2018. The internationally active company has established itself as a manufacturer of mobile and stationary double-trommel screening plants. Zemmler manufactures everything from a single source at its site in Massen-Niederlausitz, which it moved into in 2016 and where 60 employees now work.

The Zemmler screening concept

The innovative double-drum technology enables screening into three fractions instead of two in just one work step. By using wire screens (with mesh sizes between 2 and 80 mm), which are stretched around the robust steel construction of the double drum, the MULTI SCREEN® screening plants are used in numerous areas, such as wood and construction waste recycling, minerals, soil and biomass processing, commercial waste and special materials recycling. Zemmler builds mobile and stationary double trommel screening plants weighing from 1.8 tons up to 24 tons, serving both small landscaping companies and large recycling and civil engineering firms.

Stationary screening plants

In addition to the six mobile machine types with a capacity of 5 to 180 m3/h, Zemmler also manufactures stationary trommel screening plants. This offers many advantages for recycling companies. Stationary screening plants can be better linked with other components, resulting in a more efficient material flow. The electric drive enables an indoor location because dust and noise emissions are avoided and therefore comply with current regulations. Zemmler has both standardized, stationary systems such as the MS 1600 Starter (maximum weight 1.9 t) in its product portfolio, but also manufactures double trommel screening systems individually according to customer requirements. For example, in addition to the trommel unit, a feeding unit with feed belt, staircase units or individual control systems can also be planned and built.

An individual screening solution for the company TerraCon GmbH from Hamburg

The latest project, in which Zemmler supplied a customized stationary MS 1600-ST, was implemented in cooperation with ALLRECO GmbH for the Hamburg-based company TerraCon GmbH. TerraCon specializes in the remediation and treatment of contaminated soils. The MS 1600-ST is used to screen soil and sludge, usually excavated from retention basins, and remove impurities such as coarse minerals or scrap metal. The contaminant-free material is then washed and processed in a downstream system. The stationary MS 1600-ST, which is almost identical in construction to the mobile version, has an additional drum discharge belt at the customer's request. The belt under the drum collects the fines in order to transport the material to the downstream plant technology. "We are very satisfied with the product and the performance of the system," says Operations Manager Michael Schade. He continues: "We particularly appreciate the compact design and customized solution."

On the road with a GREEN MISSION

Zemmler sees its sustainable corporate mission in recycling a wide variety of recyclable materials. The double trommel screening systems conserve natural resources and recover a higher proportion of valuable materials. Among other things, this helps to reduce CO2 emissions and serves to expand the electrification of mobility.

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