The new BST: Enormous Performance with maximum Economy


The primary goal at ALLRECO is to develop the best solution for the needs and demands of customers. This is not always an easy undertaking, but one to which we are committed with all our technical expertise and passion for innovation. With our well-designed complete plants and stand-alone machines, we enable our customers around the world to achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness in their entire recycling process.

Guarantee for a successful Shredding Process

The new ALLRECO BST series is therefore not only a technical innovation in the shredding process. It is 100 percent in line with the wishes and requirements that customers have expressed to us personally: a simple, robust and efficient machine that ensures that we will be able to survive in the face of ever-increasing competition under the persistently difficult general conditions. In other words, a shredder that offers them clearly measurable progress, both technologically and economically, and is a guarantee for a successful production step.

Forward-Looking Innocation in Shredding Technology

For example, when we started the development of the new BST shredder in 2019, we deployed all available resources and pooled them even further during the Corona pandemic to develop today's BEST shredding technology under the successful project management of Ertugrul Bayram. The biggest challenge and the most important progress in the process? The networking of the two pushers with the machine's drive motors - the key to the BST's high performance and low power consumption, an important factor right now. In addition, the BST features more throughput with significantly less drive power. Compared to the Doppstadt ROTARO with 320 kW drive power, the machine manages more than twice the output with 352 kW. Another quality feature of the BST: The machine also brings unshredded material to target grain size in a single pass.

Highest Quality with an efficient and reliable Way of Working

Why is the BST so advantageous? Because the machine, with its enormous performance and maximum economic efficiency, fits exactly into the current times. We have consciously and exclusively opted for the highest quality of the individual components and have thus developed an extremely efficient and reliable machine from well-known components and new innovations - paired with attention to detail and the will to create something great for our customers. The current demand shows how successful we have been.

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