The CERON TYPE 308 conquers even high-performance materials


A feature of the NDR TV station focuses on the recycling of decommissioned wind turbine blades. It points out that only acknowledged experts such as the Doppstadt customer Neocomp are able to decompose and recycle the GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) components. In this procedure, the CERON TYPE 308 plays a crucial part.

The rotor inside the CERON TYPE 308 is three meters long and one meter in diameter. The rotor teeth tear the material through a hydraulically adjustable comb until nothing but small shreds are left. Nobody would guess now that these shreds once were part of the rotor blades of a wind turbine. An NDR TV feature shows the challenges in recycling old wind turbines at the end of their service life. While the tower is mainly made of steel and concrete, which are easily recyclable, the rotor blades are made of GRP. Due to its toughness it is the perfect construction material for demanding applications. But that becomes a problem when it faces disposal. There is hardly any company able to process this kind of waste material.


GRP Rotor Blades Are Easily Shredded

In this context the film presents the Doppstadt customer Neocomp. The Bremen based enterprise has specialized in recycling GRP waste such as rotor blades, transforming them into high-quality refuse-derived fuels for the cement industry. The feature makes clear that our Ceron Type 308 – the largest of its series – plays an important part in the process. Thanks to its robust design and efficient operation it carries out the pre-shredding of the rotor blades and easily copes with the high-performance GRP.

Recycling glass fibre composite plastics - from rotor blade to sand substitute!

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