Only the Result counts: Renting BST instead of buying


Just as contemporary and forward-looking for companies as the BST: don't buy the latest technology, use it cheaply and as required. With ALLRECO Pay-Per-Use, companies save on liquidity and only pay for what they really need - shredded material, including ALLRECO service:

• Powerful BST technology
• No one-off high investment
• Free investment for further value creation steps, for example
• No depreciation over 7 years and longer
• No obsolescence of the core machines
• Always state-of-the-art machine technology
• Secure calculation basis
• Maximum availability
• Planning security for 5 years
• Transfer of full responsibility for service and maintenance

With the new ALLRECO pay-per-use offer, you only pay for what you really need: the processed material, and still have all our services such as maintenance and spare parts replacement included.

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