More Doppstadt power for the Kanto area in Japan


Previously, the customer Akamatsuen had clearly defined his demands on the plant: proper disposal and thermal recycling of waste wood and green waste. For this requirement, our local partner Sun Earth Co. Ltd. domiciled in Yokohama recommended the customer a combination of a Doppstadt grinder AK 540 VE grinder and a SST 720 trommel screen – assisted by an external excavator and a magnetic separator.

By purchasing the AK 540 VE from the Doppstadt Grinder Line, the customer gets optimum performance at optimum capacity utilization: The main drive and the scraper floor and feed-in roller drive are controlled by a frequency converter thus providing just enough engine power as the processing of the feed charge requires at a time. After shredding and separating the material from iron contaminants, the material is transported by a conveyor to the SST 720 trommel screen, which ensures the required grain size. In case of oversize particles in spite of thorough screening, they will be transported back to the AK 540 VE to be shredded once again. This process is repeated until all the material meets the customer’s requirements.

During the commissioning and operator training on site, our staff members Sven Eeten and Andrej Gerdt supported the Doppstadt partner Sun Earth and managed to put the plant into operation just before the corona virus outbreak, avoiding a longer standstill for the customer. Project developer Thomas Hartstein and project manager Tim Platte attended the handover to the distributor Sun Earth, represented by Mr. Yasufumi Fujii and Mr. Takaya Fusato. We are proud that we have already placed several of these integrated recycling plants in Japan.

As our Doppstadt Systemtechnik GmbH team reported us after their return, the customer used the presence of our Doppstadt experts to express his interest in the extension of his new plant by a Doppstadt pre-shredder. As team-leader, Tim Platte is very proud that the customer feels well taken care of and plans the future with further Doppstadt machines. For now, we will continue to support our customer through our digital communication channels until the crisis allows us to make personal contact again.

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