High-Performance Solutions for all Applications in the Waste wood Segment


Waste wood - a versatile recyclable material

The recycling of waste wood is extremely important and, depending on its quality, is either material or energy recovery. In the case of material recycling, valuable secondary raw materials are obtained from all types of wood waste and fed back into the economic cycle. The material use, e.g. in chipboard production, results in a large number of resource-saving and sustainable products. In around 72 German waste wood power plants, the fuel makes an important contribution to the energy transition. Waste wood also plays an important role in the wood-based materials industry.

The ALLRECO solution

Our sophisticated plant system is always adapted to specific needs and requirements and offers considerably more efficiency in waste wood processing. The machine set-ups used vary depending on the nature of the material and the recycling situation. The individual process steps can also be adapted as required. This includes various options for shredding, screening and iron and non-iron removal.

The highlight of the ALLRECO solution

Everything that takes place in the immediate vicinity of processing is taking on an increasingly important role. Good wheel loader drivers are almost as rare as the Blue Mauritius, storage areas are as scarce as black truffles in the forest and penalties are as high as the Burj Khalifa. High throughput rates bring a lot of freedom in the organization of the daily routine. A little more reserve ensures relaxed conditions on the pitch.

ALLRECO solutions can do just that little bit more. For example, the ALLRECO solution can save an entire shift or working day, even with moderate annual services, freeing up capacity for other purposes. More ALLRECO in the company gives plant managers leeway in the use of scarce resources, not only in terms of personnel, space and penalties, but also in terms of efficiency, solutions from Velbert are also exciting.

An exemplary procedure at a glance


Showing teeth - the CERON Types have no problems with that. They prefer to use their biting force for the most difficult shredding tasks. In waste wood in particular, it guarantees a permanently consistent output quality with a low fines content and low operating costs.


The star screen of the DST series is one of the most efficient screening machines in terms of size. It is reliable, economical, very compact and produces a low noise level during operation. It is ideally equipped for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the screening decks are designed according to a modular principle. Numerous options and customisation possibilities for the design mean that almost all customer requirements can be satisfied. True to the motto "Komplett. FLEXIBLE. Durchdacht." our portfolio also includes all other common screening technologies.


With its high penetration power, our secondary shredder from the AK series guarantees a homogeneous output material and exposed impurities. The machine is fed with a wheel loader and/or upstream conveyor technology, for example. The fully automatic, load-dependent material feeding by the scraper floor and a feed-in drum ensure an even material flow.

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