Doppstadt Systemtechnik supports long-term customer in Japan digitally


The Corona pandemic has severely restricted international travel: Often machine commissioning cannot take place personally on site in these times. A challenge, but not an unsolvable problem.

First-Class Service for any Challenge

Our long-standing customer Miyako Jitsugyo Co. Ltd. in Japan has recently invested in a CERON TYPE 206. Usually our employees would have supported the whole process on site from assembly to commissioning. But the current travel restrictions in Japan made personal contact impossible. Therefore our employee Lucio Landollina commissioned the CERON TYPE 206 via a video chat platform - and it was a success: Miyako Jitsugyo was very satisfied with the completion of the project under the direction of Tim Platte.

Confidence in Doppstadt Technology

The environmental service provider has already relied on Doppstadt technology since 2016. The Japanese enterprise invested among others in an AK435 E, three conveyors and an SST 720 screen. Now Miyako Jitsugyo has upgraded the green waste processing plant by adding our robust CERON TYPE 206 slow speed shredder. Furthermore the enterprise purchased another conveyor and a magnet.

The adaptive CERON TYPE 206 is especially suited for difficult shredding work, Thanks to its high flexibility, it ensures the optimal fulfilment of various recycling tasks.

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