Your advantages with ALLRECO sophisticated solutions

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Low treatment costs per ton
Highest throughput rates
Innovative concepts with size reduction, screening and separation for optimum output quality
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Exemplary processes at a glance


  • High recycling potential due to valuable material streams such as waste paper, waste glass, biological components, metals and packaging waste
  • Production of substitute fuels in various qualities for energy recovery
  • Recovery of recyclable material streams for material recycling
  • Minimization of incineration and landfill costs

Residual waste processing

The treatment process of residual waste varies greatly with the material composition and origin (domestic or commercial). With a spiral shaft separator (Splitter UNIT), the fines are screened out even before shredding. Our CERON series shredder is fed with the screen overflow of the splitter or directly with a wheel loader/grapple. After the shredding and before the second classification stage, the material stream is defrayed of ferrous metals. Due to our flexibly selectable trommel screen meshes, it is possible to separate into several fractions. The fine grain fractions of the trommel screen and the splitter UNIT are freed from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and thus recycled. The screen overflow is returned to the shredder for further material digestion. The middle fraction from the trommel screen can be further treated with components from the commercial waste and refuse derived fuel processing according to customer specifications.