2016: Strategies for the future

Where Doppstadt is headed: Technology leader, market leader and environmental pioneer at the same time

Ferdinand Doppstadt discusses the company’s future:

1. We offer the right solution for every problem.

The ecological challenges of the 21st century include population growth, urbanization and increased consumption. These challenges form the basis of our growth and drive our inspiration: We want to meet the ever-increasing demands and requirements that the industry and our customers have with products and processes that excel technologically, are ecologically exemplary and economically viable. To that end, our machines must be versatile and adaptable, they must be able to mesh perfectly and enable self-contained work processes. In short, they must be innovative, intelligent and adaptive.

2. We are a technology leader, market leader and environmental pioneer all at the same time.

With our One Doppstadt Strategy “Doppstadt 2020 – Fit for the future”, we want to position ourselves as an internationally established full-line supplier that is able to provide or invent and develop, if necessary, the appropriate technology for every environmental challenge. The idea is to mobilize every machine and every machinery pool by utilizing a modular architecture so that it is possible to flexibly adapt to the customer’s individual requirements – e.g., by easily switching out individual components or entire machines.

3. We consider focusing on the customer as the key to international market leadership.

To this end, we must continue to build on our technological innovativeness and problem-solving expertise. The key is our international presence: We are in constant dialogue with our customers via our worldwide network of partners. That allows us to develop solutions that are tailored completely to the needs of our partners and their local markets – and which are also suitable for other partners and markets. We learn with our customers for our customers – a win-win situation that offers new market opportunities for both parties and which may make up for regional shortfalls.