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Thorough separation into stones, wood and plastic film

Clean results and highest economic efficiency: Compost oversize processing with ALLRECO.

Utilization of compost screen oversize

After composting in the narrower sense, the fine compost is screened out of the material flow. (For further information, please refer to our ALLRECO brochure „Compost Processing“). From the remaining compost oversize, further high-quality fractions can be generated in further process steps.

The process can be composed of screening, a windsifter and a float-sink separation. Depending of the material properties, a process water treatment can be integrated in the process.

After further rotting, the residual fine compost is screened out of the oversize. Then the oversize is transported to the windsifter, where the film fraction is separated. As a fraction with high calorific value it can be used for energy recovery. The heavy fraction from the windsifter is separated once again in the HDS-S by means of the float-sink separation. Floating materials such as wood return to the composting as bulking material or they are used for energy recovery in biomass power plants. The heavy fraction can be used as filling material or processed further.

In most cases, the compost oversize must be processed thermally. These high costs can be reduced by processing while generating the following useful fractions:


  • Refuse-derived fuels with high calorific value
  • regenrative refuse-derived fuels with medium calorific value
  • Compost bulky materials
  • Inert stone fractions

Furthermore, all the above mentioned fractions are separated from adherend sand and compost

Benefits of ALLRECO machines by Compost Oversize Processing:

  • Efficient separatin of the material
  • Added value thanks to low disposal costs
  • Reliable components
  • "Single-source solution "
  • Including ALLRECO service and quality

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Process description for processing




The process at a glance