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Reliable for the required output

Highest material quality and impressive throughput: Refuse-derived fuel processing with stationary plant solutions made by ALLRECO.

Refuse derived fuel production

The biggest challenge in the production of refuse-derived fuels (RDF) is the inhomogeneity of the waste flows to be treated and the different fuel requirements.  

ALLRECO machines score with adaptability to the specific tasks – and they ensure maximum efficiency, profitability and flexibility thanks to short changeover times and highest throughput.

Materials, which can be processed with ALLRECO plants:

  • Garbage, bulky waste, residual waste from industry and commerce
  • Industrial waste, which is similar to household garbage, and production-specific industrial waste
  • Building site waste, sorting residues etc.

Depending on the required processing range and depth, different ALLRECO components are used to make sure that the pre- and re-shredding and the separation meet the specific requirements. The result is always an output with the required material quality. 

Benefits of ALLRECO machines in the refuse-derived fuel processing:  

  • Highest availability of the individual components ensuring highest availability of the whole plant
  • Maintenance-friendly machines increase the productivity over the years
  • Best shredding for optimum throughput at high economic efficiency
  • Durable components and permanent profitability with stationary plant concepts
  • High contaminant-resistance
  • Including ALLRECO service and quality

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Treatment of refuse-deriver fules

Refuse-derived fuels (RDF) are fuels made of waste, which replace fuels in thermal processes of the basic materials industry or in the field of energy conversion.

Refuse-derived fuels can be divided into two groups according to the time and effort of processing:


Waste types which can be gathered as monofractions at the place where they originate and taken to the incineration without big processing effort.




Waste flows with high calorific value from industrial waste pre-treatment plants, lightweight packaging or other sorting plants, fractions with high calorific value after mechanical and aerobic or anaerobic biological treatment.

The materials processed in our plants mainly originate from GROUP 2.




Suitable material for SRF main burners
Particle size < 30 mm
High specific properties


Suitable material for RDF calciner
Particle size < 100 mm
Low specific properties


Refuse-derived fuel for power
plants < 300 mm
Low quality

The process at a glance