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Refuse derived fuel from commercial waste

Custom-made plant concepts for reliable results: Stationary industrial waste processing with ALLRECO.

Commercial waste recycling

The requirements and specifications for processing commercial waste continue to increase. Efforts to recover and recycle high-quality materials should be intensified. The objective is to recover secondary raw materials, to cleanly separate fractions and produce high-quality refuse derived fuel. 

For that purpose Doppstadt delivers innovative technology in the shape of powerful and capable machinery – combined into reliable systems that lower operating costs over the long term.

ALLRECO offers all the necessary components – both for a stationary complete solution or in addition to existing machines – to meet the required sorting and recycling quotas. The following fractions can be produced:  

  • A1 or A2 / A3 wood
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Film / paper, plastic and cardboard packaging
  • Refuse-derived fuels
  • Mineral fraction

Benefits of ALLRECO machines in the industrial waste processing:  

  • Durable components, well-thought-out
  • High availability
  • Low operating costs thanks to modern, efficient drives
  • Legal certainty
  • Calculability due to quick ROI
  • High economic efficiency
  • All from a single source
  • Including ALLRECO service and quality

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Process Description Commercial Waste utilisation


wind sifter light fraction


ferrous metals


non-ferrous metals

The process at a glance